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7 Mar 2007 / Julie

lunch breaks

Yesterday there were some mild & typical technical issues in a new building where I was co-hosting a meeting. The wireless internet connection was sporatic so during our break I went in search of an IT person to dig up an ethernet cable for me.

Since my contact was busy guiding my group through a tour of a wonderful new building, I asked someone at the front-lines desk to see if they could grab me an IT person.

The IT person comes out of the staff area and I explain my situation to him. All i need is an ethernet cable. He goes back into the staff area, for what I assumed was the cable, but comes out empty handed. Being new, he had spoken to his supervisor and was told we can’t get wireless in the meeting room, we should come out into the main area.

At this point, i’m hoping you see the beginnings of my problem.

I restate my problem and let him know my desired solution. an Ethernet cable. He goes to another IT guy who was on the floor (which, i’m assuming, was easier than going back into the staff area to ask Supervisor Who Doesn’t Get It).

The new guy, trying to be as helpful as possible (major points for trying… and for being nice… ), goes to ask the IT Guy on the Floor (who, for the record, was standing in the “main area” leaning over a railing not doing much) where he can get an ethernet cable and here’s what happens:

IT Guy on Floor- I’m on lunch.
New Guy- “Oh, for real? Well, can I at least explain the problem?”
Guy on Lunch- “You can, but I’m not going to listen to you.”
New Guy- “The wireless isn’t working in meeting room 2 and [name of first supervisor] said they need to come out into the main area… but she’s got a projector and that isn’t going to work.”
Me- “I just need an ethernet cord because the wireless connection keeps cutting out.”
Guy on Lunch- ::stares blankly::
New Guy- ::turns to me:: “I’ll go see what I can do.”
Me to New Guy- “Thank you. I’ll be in the room setting up for our speaker.”
Me to Guy on Lunch- ::evil look::

I’m not going to rant too much on why this was bad customer service. If you can’t figure it out, perhaps you’re Guy on Lunch.

May everyone have better customer service experiences today…

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