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22 Mar 2007 / Julie

no fun being sick

D’s been sick since 2 weekends ago. I took care of him, then came down with whatever he had. I’ve been sick since last week. this weekend it got worse. fever, achiness, the whole 9 yards. out sick monday, felt a little better by nighttime so I drove down from NJ to go to work Tuesday but by Tues night I was worse again. Called out Wednesday. Saw dr. got antibiotics. Called out Thursday because doc said I shouldn’t contaminate more people than I had to.

did a lot of sleeping. sleep good. felt like i should have been doing more work at home, organizing, unpacking (yes, still- it’s hard to find homes for things when there’s limited storage), but there was no way that was happening. did a little tho later today when i woke up (3p) and felt better. changed the blog colors too since i’m in a brown and teal mode. Want to paint a wall in the living room teal… i need something to make this damned apt feel more like home…

had some epiphany’s about virtual reference while sleeping too, that i’ll share when my head clears and I can think straight. for now, back to bed (and maybe some Grey’s Anatomy).

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