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16 Mar 2007 / Julie

talk about motivation

I’ve been working out with a trainer since 2/21. My pants have slowly gotten smaller over the last few months. Stress of graduating… stress of leaving everything I knew behind to move to MD and start a new job… and probably a little too much enjoyment of the Edy’s Ice Cream. Since 25 was fast approaching (that illusive age where i think I’m supposed to have my shit together) and i was sick of hearing myself promise to live healthlier and then not I made the decision to just do it.

My trainer, Anthony (best trainer ever), has me not partaking in sweets or alcohol for a month (which isn’t even an issue now that i’m over the withdrawl period), training 3x weekly, fat burn & cardio 3x weekly, and making sure i’m eating right- 1500 (now 1200) calories over 6 meals daily, 100g of protein, 50 of fiber, lots of water. With all that, in 2 weeks I had dropped 5 pounds. I couldn’t tell from where, but I didn’t really care.

This week, however, i obviously did something wrong because I went up 1.5 pounds. Regardless, Chris in Marketing had gotten wind of my initial progress and is “very proud of me.” I am basically speechless- I don’t know him more than “Chris in Marketing” and here he is proud of my progress! :-) He even burned me a workout mix cd! (which should come up on my thing on my about page as I’m listening to it now).

Thank you Chris!!!! :-)

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