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19 Apr 2007 / Julie

CiL Quote Highlights

Life is in perpetual Beta. (Lee Rainie, Pew Director)

Work in the White Spaces.
Adapt… Adopt… or Die!
(Karen Huffman, National Geographic Society)

Don’t confuse innovation with novelty. Don’t confuse motion with action. Don’t keep something going if it’s in the same sentence as “it still has a few good years left.” (David King)

Learn all you can. Break old habits. Work on stress management strategies. Whine with purpose. (David King)

… just what is neccesary… (when designing) (Ellyssa Kroski)

Make it Simple. Make it Social. Offer Alternate Navigation.

Be nimble. Issue an API. Bulid Badges.

Don’t Search- Browse!

and an overheard conversation while eating dinner with collegues

guy 1 of 3 walking past my table: ::mumble mumble:: “… vibrator…”
me, leaning over the small partition towards the guy speaking apparently loud enough to be heard: “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”
guy 1 of 3: “the baby… sleeps better with it in her crib.”

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