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24 Apr 2007 / Julie

my CiL panel presentation

This is why blogging while it happens is a better idea than taking notes and trying to do it after the fact – life keeps on rolling and it ends up being a week after the fact and you still haven’t done it…

My panel presentation on Tuesday went very well! While no one had any questions for me (most of the questions were reserved for the Second Life and MySpace portions, understandably), no one walked out during my portion (that I noticed), and I had the eye contact of mostly everyone in there. I was a little worried though that I didn’t give enough time to how to start a VRS. Somehow, the breakdown of stuff the panel came up with to speak on ended up differing from the promo of the panel (which I noticed at the last minute) so I’m afraid not enough time was given to what ppl might have come for.

Regardless, it was fun!

If you’re interested, you can find my portion of the panel on my presentations page and on the Maryland AskUsNow! presentations page.

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