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3 Apr 2007 / Julie

rapid fire vol 1: librariness

Frequently I come across things en masse that I want to make note of. Instead of clogging up the works with a post per thing, I will make “rapid fire” a weekly post, perhaps even on the same day of the week. :-)

“Interdisciplinary Gallery and Reading Room” Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn is currently theming libraries. From their site:

The topic of “Library” is captivating the minds of people in many disciplines today, from the history of libraries and their elaborate cataloging systems, to the challenges that are facing libraries as they confront the web.

To help focus our inititives and profession, this might be a good opportunity to think about what we’d like a library exhibit in 20 years to look like. I’d like to see VR being a large focus.

I’ll get one if you get one Library Tattoos are cool but where’s my VR tat?!

Since you can print an entire photo album on a poster via QOOP + Flickr, i’m surprised we didn’t think of this book on a poster thing faster!

Social Network your book collection with Shelfari, Library Thing, aNobii (for booklists), GuruLib, and Squirl. And for more of your listing needs try Listal.

Ebooks for your iPod- try iPrepPress. & while cool, too bad the iPod eBook creator can’t read the book to you.

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