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7 May 2007 / Julie

Elation in the Banana Republic dressing room

Elation in the BR dressing room
This photo was taken from my camera phone in the Banana Republic outlet dressing room this weekend. I wanted to document the elation on my face when i realized i fit into a size SMALL shirt. And not “sort of” or “i hope it still fits after washing” but ACTUALLY FITS!

I had similar happiness in the J.Crew outlet dressing room when I had to go from a size 8 shirt to a size 6… and was able to strut around in the size 8 halter dress without a problem (when before I’d be teetering between the size 8 and 10).

I had been measured the week before, but the numbers didn’t translate to real world elation until after I had tried on new clothes. Here’s my progress so far: (you’ll notice the biggest improvement is in my waist! Perhaps that’s why I can manage a SMALL now!) :-)

  February April
Weight 157 147
Bust/Chest 38.1 36.3
Waist 37.2 30.7
Hips 40.9 39.3
Thigh 24.3 23.6
Calf 14.4 14.3
Arm 12.0 11.9
Body Fat % 25.7 22.7
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