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25 May 2007 / Julie

if it can go wrong, it will.

Okay, not really but i feel i should be allowed to let the pessimism to shine through a little here. Not everything goes wrong, but it just so happens that in this particular case- the case of me transfering my self, my car, and my other things from New Jersey to Maryland – everything can, and indeed will , go wrong.

Here’s the story (which I will tell you because while I have “nothing” to do while waiting for my boyfriend to get out of Memorial Day traffic on his way down here, i assume you too have “nothing” to do and therefore can read my ramblings)…

I moved from NJ to MD in November.
I morned the loss of my NJ drivers license in December when i traded it in for my MD license.
The time between then and now has been spent attempting to avoid getting rid of my last vehicular tie to New Jersey – my registration and plates. I know a responsible citizen would have taken care of this asap, but life has been going faster than usual and a few weeks turned into a few months.

So I finally started the process of switching the last of things over about a month ago. That time has been spent getting the car title from my Dad (who is currently still co-owner), losing the car title in the mess that is my still-unpacked apartment, finding the car title and realizing it needs to be signed by both Dad and I… visiting Dad and forgetting to bring the title… bringing the title and forgetting to get Dad to sign it… Dad visiting me and me not having the title… (are you seeing a pattern here?) It seemed like the stars were aligned in whatever way they had to be to prevent my Dad, myself, and the title (oh, and a pen), being in the same place at the same time.

So, in my brillance, I figured, why mess around and forget to bring it, sign it, or whatever again – I’ll just overnight it to him. 2 day Express should do the trick.

So this week, I sent the title and a few other things I had forgotten to give my parents (like the commemorative invitation to my masters graduation) via Major Delivery Company to be delivered today. I find the receipt in my bag and call Mom to see if it had arrived – it was after 5 and it was supposed to be delivered by 4.30.

No package. But mom says the delivery guy usually doesn’t come until 6, so it might still get there. Optimism reigns and says “maybe it’s stuck in traffic… it is Memorial Day weekend and every major road is a parking lot.”

I use the handy tracking # on the receipt and notice that no activity has been logged on my precious package since “6:54 PM Left origin” and “12:56 PM Picked up.” that was 2 days ago!

So I call customer service and explain my situation to Lovely Customer Service Rep. She’s very nice and asks to put me on hold while she sees whats up. (On a customer service note, I love it when people ASK to put you on hold… you almost never say no, but it makes you feel warm and fuzzy.) What she’s able to tell me isn’t much – no activity has been logged but they’re going to put a trace on the package.

A trace? Traces are for things that are lost or misplaced- like a puppy or your keys. You (re)trace your steps only to find your keys in the fridge or your bag in a room you haven’t even been in yet today (or were you?)…

Lost is not a word used to describe a package left in your supposedly and usually capable hands.

It was explained to me by Lovely Customer Service Rep that the place i dropped off the package, as well as the truck who apparently picked it up would be searched thoroughly and I would be able to call back later night or tomorrow to see what the progress was. She took my cell # just in case.

So somewhere, my package is in limbo. A lost, lonley little package wondering where it is and why it isn’t home safe with my parents. Images of “The Brave Little Toaster” fill my mind for some reason (a movie, i might add, that scared the stuffings out of me as a little one).

So like I said- if it can go wrong, it will. For now though, I’m going to assume that this isn’t a sign that I shouldn’t have tried to transfer my life to Maryland. Cause, you know, I love my job and a sign like that would just stink.

:-) Happy Memorial Day!

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