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29 May 2007 / Julie

I’m not a bad friend… really.

Since moving from NJ I’ve had a rough time keeping up with friends. No longer can i just “pop” in or call and say “hey, meet me at the diner in 5.” In truth, though, I haven’t been able to do that since I moved from South Jersey to North Jersey in 2004.

While I wasn’t perfect, I at least was never as bad as I’ve been since moving out of state. As a testiment to how bad i’m doing, here are some messages I’ve gotten on my voicemail:

from Jaclynne this weekend:

“I’m leaving you for your voicemail because it’s the only part of you that talks to me.”

Greg felt he had to resort to trickery to get me to call him back:

“Hey I think i left my (word-length pause) at your apartment. let me know

I’ve had a rough time of it to date, but i’m getting better. In order to make sure that time doesn’t keep flying by me without talking to folks, I make phone dates. It’s been helping tho most people find it silly that i need to schedule phone time. The time will once again come where I don’t have to schedule phone calls with my friends, but until now if it helps me not lose track of time and helps my friends not hate me, then so be it.

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