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2 Jul 2007 / Julie

37 sites to know and try

In the May /June 2007 issue of Public Libraries, David Lee King and Michael Porter have an excellent article on the 37 sites you should know about and play with.

However, if you want to read the witty banter between Michael and David, “Thirty-seven Sites in Two Thousand Words or Less” (pgs 30-33), isn’t readily available online as Public Libraries doesn’t have current issues on their site and the Library Literature database has current issues embargoed. (Way to make information freely and easily accessible at the point of need, folks.) to the rescue. The guys didn’t just suggest these sites, they use them too! All of the sites can be found on Michael’s site here:

Also, if anyone has a Joost account and is willing to invite me, i’d love to participate and see what it’s all about.

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