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20 Jul 2007 / Julie

Mike Rowe’s television past

Okay, so this has absolutely NOTHING to do with libraries and i’m not sure (even if i tried hard enough) that’d I’d be able to link this to customer service, but at 4.30 on a Friday, this sure is a great start to your weekend.

Mike Rowe (of Dirty Jobs) was selling stuff on QVC in the early 1990s (I guess we all have to start somewhere).

If you search Mike Rowe QVC you’ll get a ton of stuff, but here’s some that aren’t to be passed up:

Mike Rowe loves the little Mermaid
The KatSak
Watch Mike as he tries to not laugh while selling dickies

The world (and i’m sure Mike too), is glad he’s not still with QVC- but oh the comedic fodder!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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