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21 Aug 2007 / Julie

Back from Boston

This past weekend I was in Boston with Dave, visiting with my long-time friend Andy who was in town presenting at the ACS conference. We’ve been friends for 14 years, having started out as pen pals through my English teacher in 6th grade.

The weekend was fantastic. A lot of driving, but that was assumed. Although I didn’t get pics of everything (more to come) here’s some highlights/observations:

  • There were tons of folks reading on the T. Why are there no ads for libraries or library services on the T?
  • whales are ginormous and very awesome
  • your forehead and nose can still get sunburnt on a cloudy day. *note to self*
  • On the first day, in Borders (where we knew we could get coffee), a bookseller comes up to me and asks if she can help me. I was at a computer terminal having started to type “Yiddish with” in the title box. She looked at the screen and said, “Yiddish with George and Laura?” Why yes! (of all the books to know). :-) But totally the best book.
  • Not only is there a bustling Little Italy in Boston that we didn’t know about, we walked into the middle of the 98th annual Fisherman’s Feast, Mike‘s Pignoli cookies were awesome and that explains the stuffed animals.
  • The Miracle of Science is the coolest place ever. Where else are the specials on a periodic table and Einstein the patron saint? No wonder it’s the MIT hangout.
  • There was a girl on the T, with her young son and a friend and her baby. When the friend was done changing the baby’s diaper she handed it to the girl with the young son who looked around to see if anyone was looking, didn’t notice me, and threw the diaper under her seat. Am I a bad citizen for not doing anything about it?

In related news, how’s this for a time warp:

2007 1999/2000
Julie @ the Harvard Statue, 2007 Julie @ the Harvard Statue, 1999
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