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21 Aug 2007 / Julie

Go into details on your own time, not the customers.

Although this is a highlight of the Boston trip, I thought it deserved it’s own post.

The hotel we stayed at had a kitchen (complete with dishwasher!) but the fridge wasn’t working when we got there. Light was on, wasn’t even remotely cold on the highest setting. Too tired to do anything about it that night, we told the front desk the next morning. A guy comes up 5 minutes later, looks at the fridge and says, “I’ll get you a new one.” 10 minutes later, there he is, fridge and dolly in tow. How’s that for the best service I’ve ever gotten?

This is absolutely the right way to do customer service. Solve the customer’s problem quickly. Worry about the details on your own time.

Customer’s problem: fridge not working. needs working fridge
Solution: get them a working fridge

Your problem: fridge isn’t working
Solution: tinker with / fix it on your own time. If it works, keep it in stock for the future.

It’s all about perspective. Way to go, Candlewood Suites!

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