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17 Aug 2007 / Julie

“you’re the 4th person I’ve talked to”

If that’s a phrase you’ve never heard or said, I want to hear from you and know about the companies you deal with.

On my birthday, i bought myself a Palm Treo 700p to help me with life. Haha. Mostly being able to access and send work email while not at work and not having to lug the huge company laptop with me wherever i go. Until Denver, it was working wonderfully… and then i couldn’t send messages out. Kept getting error messages. Clearly I need help. Something’s broke.

Since it worked before, I thought our IT folks caught on and blocked me. Spoke to them. They weren’t the culprit. Apparently I needed to get access to the Verizon outgoing mail server.

I call the store, select the right option for “support.” He can’t help because he says I need Tech Support (isn’t that what “support” means?). He gives me the # and I call it. I explain my situation (twice now) and the lady says, “Oh my, well this is the billing and support line. Let me connect you to Data.” Okay. 3rd explanation and I totally think this guy can help me. He says he’s going to put me on hold to check something and he’ll be right back. Who comes back is an entirely different person in a totally different department.

The 4th guy is able to help me… well… mostly. The server was down, but when it comes back i’ll be able to send and receive as normal. And if not, I have his email address so i can bug him until it does work.

This is another instance of MOVE THE QUESTION, NOT THE CUSTOMER. If you can’t help… go get the answer and come back. Don’t keep transferring me. If you have to transfer me, talk to the person you’re transferring to to verify they can help me. Then tell me who you’re putting me with.

Thanks for letting me gripe. I’m off to New England now to see a pen pal who’s in town from England for a conference and whom i haven’t seen in 7 years. Yay!

Have a great weekend ya’ll!

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