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28 Sep 2007 / Julie

23 things: week 3, thing 6 (photo mashups)

my librarian trading card

Week 3: Photos & Images
6. Have some Flickr fun and discover some Flickr mashups & 3rd party sites.

My favorite Flickr mashup is the photo mappr. The last few weeks I’ve been running through all my photos (all 2,017 of them) retagging and mapping them. Its fun to see where you’ve been and what photos other folks have taken at those places too. I’m always strangely amazed when a photo was taken in an obscure place- like the diner I used to go to in Jersey.

Though not a photo mashup, the map mashup I encountered way back in the day was actually this Pedometer mashup. I used to use it to see how far I went (mostly driving) when I would go exploring.

There’s now a second generation google map pedometer at WalkJogRun which allows you to create your own routes and (and take) other’s routes. Very cool. Rock on, power of the masses. I’ll have to add a new route when I move to my new apartment near the local reservoir.

(Ps- check out the AskUsNow! Flickr site!)

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