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27 Sep 2007 / Julie

Google turns 9

Google's 9th Birthday It’s hard to imagine Google is 9 years old already. Starting from a grass roots project to make finding things online easier, to the behemoth it is today, it’s easy to be afraid of it, of what it’s doing (Google Book, anyone?) or what it might do- but Google is more than just a streamlined search engine. Google is representative of how our world should be: streamlined, easy to use, and full of free, full text information.

Now, I’m not saying that’s how the world is currently- the world’s information certainly ISN’T yet full text, free, online, and properly organized and tagged out the kazoo for easy finding- but that’s the way it SHOULD be. And the way we’re working towards.

So thank you, Google, for starting something good. I hope we can take it from here.

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