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17 Sep 2007 / Julie

self realization: books and the librarian

i’m moving soon, to a smaller apartment with more trees. I’m not moving until mid-October, but i’ve already started the purge and organize required before I start packing. (in reality I first have to unpack from my move from nj last year before packing again… my hope is that anything in those boxes can go straight to the donation pile as I seemingly haven’t had a use for them in a year)

anywho, I was reading “Apartment Therapy” by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of HGTV fame and was caught up in the sections on purging of stuff. I’ve always suffered from stuffitis- it runs in my family. (juxtiposed by “Evocative objects” edited by Turkle)

I’ve decided to imagine my new apartment as how I want it to be- ignoring the stuff I currently own or want to get rid of.

I’ve come up with some pretty good, clear images that excite me and make me feel like it should be easy to get rid of stuff that doesn’t directly fit that image.

But then I get to the books. I’ve always been surrounded by books. As a kid I could only ever get one toy, but as many books as I wanted when my parents and I went out. I remember purchasing the whole “Ghostwriter” series in one fell swoop cause dad said it was okay.

I don’t consider myself a prolific reader- i’ll admit to anyone that I haven’t read most of the books that I own. But I tell myself that I will one day so I usually keep them during my periodic purges.

this time, I decided to take the books off my shelf that “define who I am” and get rid of the rest.

I was shocked to find I only pulled 7 from my 100+ collection.

Do the rest define who I want to be? Or am I holding on to stuff i’m better off without?

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