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11 Sep 2007 / Julie

twittering ruining blogging

It’s interesting that one author found twitter ruining his blogging. Is twitter forcing us to be succinct? If so, what’s the harm?

I tried twittering but only twittered (updated) 19 times since April 07…

I didn’t know
a) how (or if to) marry blogging with twittering
b) how much ppl really needed to know about what i was up to
or c) if i really had that much to say (well, i do, but lately i’ve been (wrongly) keeping it to myself)…

do you blog or twitter? do you integrate / use both?

interesting phenomenon….

*Update 4/10/08: I’m addicted to Twitter. Apparently all I needed was some followers/followees and suddently twitter mattered. Though I think it was the community that mattered. Just a thought. ;-)

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