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15 Nov 2007 / Julie

Privacy and recognition

A celebration for the 5th birthday of our service is currently in the planning stages. I’m on the planning team and at our last brainstorming meeting I thought it would be cool to have a giant poster listing all the providers names in recognition and thanks for a job well done over the last 5 years. I was envisioning a poster version of the cool glass “thank you” walls in so many places, like this one at Seattle Public.

Someone brought up that people might have privacy issues with this idea. I didn’t understand it, but assuming that no one would, I was willing to ask folks what they thought.

Well I was waay off base in my thinking that folks would be fine with being individually recognized in this manner. I keep getting feedback that folks wouldn’t want their names recognized despite this being on one poster that would be displayed only during the duration of the party; for 2 hours, tops. I’m totally cool with whatever the majority feels comfortable with, but I’m also totally confused.

What am I missing? When did public recognition for a job well done cross the line into a privacy issue? Is it the fact that librarians are a different breed of folks? Or would this be a concern elsewhere too?

What am I missing?

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