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5 Dec 2007 / Julie

They are not the hell your whales (or learning how to use profanity)

[away message]: they are not the hell your whales
[14:04] me: I suppose they told you that?
[14:18] my bf: the hell they did
[14:18] me: :-D
[14:19] my bf: whether by accident, or on purpose, I am very proud of you for quoting Star Trek back to me
[14:19] me: it was on purpose.
[14:19] my bf: I love you

This has absolutely nothing to do with customer service or librarianship or technology other than it was my reference / searching skills that helped me quote Star Trek back to my bf…. or even figure out it was Star Trek he was quoting… but I had to share.

Hopefully this will keep you entertained while I type up the 80 gazillion other blog posts i’ve been sitting on for a while.

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