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4 Jan 2008 / Julie

Feed Weeding: Why can’t Google reader be iTunes-smart?

1000+ feedsLast night, though I went to bed early, I tossed around for a few hours unable to sleep. It may have been the cold (despite my 5 blankets) but it may have been because I kept having some great ideas and, not wanting to forget them, kept turning the light on to write them down.With the new year comes renewal- a time of purging the old and useless that weigh me down and a time of trying new things that may end up in the old and useless pile in 6 mos (i use my bday as a time of renewal too) or may end up being v. awesome. I have a ginormous amount of feeds- most of which stay unread until that time when my feed count reads “1000+” and I start to go through them all.

I’d prefer to be feed reading daily as part of my keep-ahead thing, but I haven’t managed to make that a routine yet. My Treo helps, as i read them when i’m waiting in line or something, but I try to avoid lines so I end up not getting much quality time with the feeds.

Hoping it would help, I wanted to purge through some of the feeds I frequently skip, or “mark all as read” without reading past headlines, etc. Then it occurred to me. Why can’t my Google Reader be smart like iTunes? iTunes tells me my skip count (how many times I’ve skipped over a song), how many times i’ve listened to a song, etc and that info helps me clean out my ipod of songs I don’t like (nevermind how they got there in the first place) or have had enough of.

Is there an aggregator out there that keeps or has the option to keep data on what i do to and with my feeds? If there is, I’d love if someone could let me know. If not- I make a plea to all the geeks out there who have control over this sort of thing. I’ll bake you cookies, if that helps. :-)

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