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4 Jan 2008 / Julie

Get over it: “Pay for blog feeds? yuck!”

Updating my blog I ran across this post by Photo Matt. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a Kindle for a while now but haven’t the money… (and the library hasn’t ordered one yet I don’t think).

Anywho- there’s been some complaints (like the comments on the post linked above) about having to pay for access to blog posts. Yes, that sounds crappy to me, but think about it-

You’re essentially paying for access to blog posts now! You paid for your computer, phone, or whatever you use to access the internet… you paid for your internet access or data plan… so how is that different than paying for your kindle and then paying per thing accessed?

… now as I write this I feel like I’ve heard this before…. And I’d be right.

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