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1 Apr 2008 / Julie

I’m finally moving to California

I’ve been thinking about it for years, but i’ve been bit by the bug one last time and I think it’s time to go. It’s been in the works for a while now, but I’m just now telling people.I’m all packed up and I leave tomorrow. I’ll be living in a (much smaller than my current place but way more awesome) studio with loft (check it out here). Next week, I also start my new job at the San Francisco Chronicle (the offices for which, luckily enough, are right down the street from my new digs). I love virtual reference and libraries, but I desperately miss my life as a newspaper girl.It’s been nice knowing you all- i hope you’ll come visit me sometime! I’ll let you know when I get settled!

Oh- you might be wondering what I’m doing about the bf. Well, since he’s starting a new job in Annapolis and moving to MD soon I feel like kind of an ass moving again but he understands (Man, he’s a keeper!). We’ll still stay together and continue to do the Long-distance thing for a while. Who knows, maybe i can convince him to leave the east coast and join me. I promised him this is the last move i’d make without him. :-)

Okay, so not really. That’s what this year’s April Fools joke consisted of. What you just read was posted to my MySpace and Facebook profiles this morning. It started as me checking airfare for my (real) trip to Los Angeles this June for ALA and snow balled from there- all of a sudden i had a story to develop. I did some research on apartments for rent, found one I loved and then, thanks to google, was able to find local businesses. It was just fate that a San Francisco Chronicle office was so close to my fake new digs. (For the record, i wasn’t lying when I said I missed my previous life as a newspaper girl… but it’s more sweet than desperate.) I added a little realism by adding information on what i was “going to do with” my boyfriend as everyone knows the story of how i moved away from him to pursue my career. (Note: Adding other people into your story increases the believability of it. Just make sure you clue them in in case they get called about it.)

Once the announcement/story was posted, it took a few hours for the comments and emails to start rolling in but when they started, they just wouldn’t stop! They ranged from “Congrats!” and “I’ll miss you” (from acquaintances and folks i haven’t heard from in a while) to “how could you not tell me” and “wtf” (from close friends and people i talk to all the time). Some messages were followed by other messages remembering it was April Fools Day and then telling me I’m a butthead (thanks Lauren!) but some were genuinely annoyed with me for toying with them like that.

It seems i hit a nerve that most people, including myself, don’t like getting hit. We don’t like being made a fool. Well duh, and I wouldn’t do it on purpose any other day, but today is the day MADE for that!

Since i’m a very trusting person, I mostly believe things I’m told by people i trust. This is usually fine, but April Fools Day can make me nervous. I take it all in stride, but there usually isn’t a joke I don’t fall for. Like last year (Gmail Paper), I fell for this year’s Gmail prank with both feet- Custom Time- a new feature allowing you to send email in the past- back as far as 2004, when gmail started. I was halfway telling my IT friend about it, trying to figure out why this would be a good thing to have, when it dawned on me- April Fools. Duh. Good one, gmail!

Since I’m easily duped on April Fools, I was very proud of myself that I was able to dupe other people on the day meant for duping! But apparently it wasn’t totally appreciated. Yes, i feel bad feeding people a story, but is it my fault that people don’t take things with an extra grain of skepticism on April 1st? No, I say.

I was going to wait until April 2nd to fess up, but after fielding a bunch of messages from annoyed people I figured it was better to put people out of their misery. (Who knew my leaving last minute would cause such turmoil in the world.)

So what’s “too far” for an April Fools Prank?

Gmail can announce new, fake features… a husband can trick his wife into believing the car won’t start (good one, Mike)… but announcing you’re dropping everything and moving across the country apparently isn’t nice.

Where is the line? Where’s the documentation on what’s appropriate for April Fools? Other than announcing someone’s fake death I don’t think there is one and I think the people behind these stories would agree!

I maintain that i am ridiculously proud of myself for this one; very glad that my storyteller gene hasn’t yet gone to pasture.

For those of who you didn’t enjoy my trickery I WILL be doing it again next year, but I’ll at least give you a heads up- I’ll be announcing I’m pregnant. (*knocks on wood*)

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