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12 Jul 2008 / Julie

You’ve got the right stuff… 15 years later

On facebook this morning there was an ad on the side for American Apparel. Wondering if they had anything other than dental floss for bathing suits, i checked them out. They don’t, but they *did* refer to a denim-topped ruffle skirt as “early 90s vintage.”

Aside the fact that i’m totally confused as to how early 90s is “vintage,” it spawned a conversation on twitter about The New Kids On The Block (NKOTB).

Back in April, NKOTB reunited and for most of us who had little-girl-crushes on them 15+ years ago, we were, at least i was, mildly confused, if not a little excited. Possibly also ready to run (away), if the occasion called for it.

I’ll the be first to admit i had one of those ginormous buttons the size of my little 8 year old face (i *think* i was 8ish). But i was skeptical of their return. They had tried reuniting before, and they could never get all of them in one spot at the same time. Perhaps the time was right now.

I would have been happy to ignore their newly-polished, older (and wiser?) presence, but i was sucked in this morning by the goofiness of their website’s initial photo. Is it possible they’ve been away long enough to not have been sucked in to the ass-shakin’ of the music industry today?

I watched their new video, Summertime and new i was wrong. It started out well, looking like they were going to do the video about their coming back together but the excitement was short lived. it soon dissolved to girls in dental floss. (hmm, seems to be a theme this morning). I’m pretty sure my twitter post sums it up nicely-

See? This is why i don’t watch music videos. The moment they started being a venue for half nekkid females, i was gone. Didn’t seem to matter what the song was about, there were females in dental floss. (and don’t even get me started on rap vids.)

What happened to the fun crazy things like Flock of Seagulls doing “Ran” or Men at Work singing “Land Down Under?”

Perhaps i still reside in a simpler time. Perhaps it exists only in my head, but that’s okay. I like it there.

I admit, Summertime, without having to watch the video, is a song that gets my foot-a-movin’. But I think i’ll remain holding on to the memories of the “omg wtf were we thinking dressing like that” NKOTB of old. They may have aged well, but I’m fine with leaving them to the swooning teens of today.

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