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10 Sep 2008 / Julie

Chrome Love… and Hate: my short review of Google’s new browser

Earlier this month, Google rolled out their new browser, Chrome, which is said to completely change the game.

Here’s what I think of the new browser:

Chrome <3 #1
Resizable input boxes. Oh yeah. Not that it matters on twitter, you only get 140 anyway, but it’s the thought that counts.

Chrome <3 #2
Chrome has a special place in my heart because of what it does with pop-up windows.

Chrome <3 #3
Like Opera, it gives you the screenshot/bookmark screen when you open a new tab. Chrome, however, gives you additional bookmarks on the right side. Score.
Chrome bookmarks page

Chrome <3 #4
you can drag any tab and make it a separate window on it’s own. omg i love this

Chrome :-( #1
Some things just don’t work on Chrome. This video shows the back and forth between Chrome and Mozilla. works in FF3, not in Chrome.

Chrome :-( #2
Google + privacy issues + Chrome = me + nervous

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