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25 Sep 2008 / Julie

DHL should be renamed DH-FAIL!

So I was finally able to replace the computer monitor that took up my entire desk w/ a shiny new (well, a recertified model) LCD monitor (21.6 inches!) that i got on serious discount. It was set to be delivered today via DHL.

When i tracked the package, it mentioned a signature was needed and since they would never deliver before 5pm, i’d consistently miss them. I asked to have the package rerouted to my work (which i’ve had done successfully with UPS on many occasions) but they told me they were unable to do that.

Okay fine. So i asked if it could be delivered to the management office of my apartment.. Yes, i just had to leave a note letting them know to do that. Not a problem. So i took my lunch break early and went home to put a note (and map to leasing office, even though you can see it from my building) on my door. I taped it. Securely. It called to the DHL delivery person in BIG BOLD LETTERS!

I also set up an SMS notification so i’d know the package’s status without having to check the website again (idk if UPS has this, but it’s the first time i’ve seen it).

At 2pm I get this text message:

(DHL SMS Notification) 25 Sep 08 1:37pm- Delivery attempted. Recipient not home.

I got that message twice. And then i got another message with the 1800# in case i had questions. Well, yes. I do.

So I call the 800# and know to say “representative” when the auto-man picks up the phone. I then tell Auto-Man my tracking # and am quickly put through to someone who sounded terse but got friendlier. I explain the situation and she puts me on hold to check on things. When she came back on the line she let me know she had to leave a message for the station (that’s not the word she used, but it was the place the trucks go.. NOT the truck itself.. which FedEx has done for me in the past, before i stopped using them for their Uber Bucket of Fail).

So somewhere there is a message that was left with my phone number. And somewhere there is a driver driving around with my package, instead of it having been left at the management office like i was told would happen, and directed them to. I even said please! Was I supposed to leave a trail of cookies or beer?

Oh, and I don’t have my monitor yet. I’d have liked to set it up tomorrow and get the old computer working (i’m currently using my laptop as my standard, and the CPU for the other one as a foot rest) quickly. But no, i have to wait for DHL to screw their heads on straight. Good thing this package wasn’t crucial to live or limb. Although if it was, i probably would have shipped it UPS.

Lesson: If you tell a customer you’re going to do X, then do X!

Ps, DHL originally standed for “Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn,” a company of the German “Deutsche Post World Net.” Avenue Q (who btw has a podcast series) reminds me that schadenfredue is a German word.

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