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12 Sep 2008 / Julie

Mama’s got a brand new bag

I’m moving up in the world again! This morning the officially official announcement went out about my new position as Project Coordinator for Maryland AskUsNow!. :-)

As Project Coordinator, I hope I am able to guide the project towards as much, if not more, growth in the next 5 years than it’s seen in the past 5 years thanks to Joe’s leadership. Leadership that helped grow a wonderful community and a very strong and internationally recognized service. I want to continue to grow that community and expand it to include our customers more. I want to continue building the relationships between our libraries, providers, and customers and continue to touch lives.

AskUsNow! is not just about providing answers to faceless customers; it’s about making a connection (even if briefly) with other people’s lives during their moment of (information) need. I also want to continue to cultivate AskUsNow! as a safe playground to experiment with new ways of providing service, learning, and connecting.

This message is being sent to multiple lists. I know the generally accepted practice is to apologize for that but this is good news so you should be pleased at the opportunity to read it more than once.

Joe Thompson has left AskUsNow! to become the Associate Director in charge of the Western Maryland Regional Library. I am happy to announce that Julie Strange has assumed the role of full time AskUsNow! Project Coordinator as of September 1, 2008. In her time as AskUsNow! Operations Supervisor, Julie has made strong contributions to the service I am very glad that she will be staying with us.

A part time AskUsNow! Operations Assistant position will be advertised soon. Please keep an eye open for it and encourage interested people to apply!

Congratulations to Julie and to Joe as they assume their new roles.

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