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19 Sep 2008 / Julie

Plugins: for when you actually have stuff to do

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. and i’ve been twittering pirate speak almost all day. and had i been with it enough this morning, i’d have found an eye patch to wear to work.

Later in the day, however, a colleague called to heads me up about something and mentioned my blog was all in pirate speak! I didn’t catch the comment at the time but when i went to check on my blog for something else, i noticed it! It had been translated into pirate speak! ZOMG!

I’d like to reassure you that i didn’t manually go through every post on this site and piratize it. I had the help of a Text Filter Plugin. Which, honestly, until it was mentioned, i had completely forgotten about!

For the record, i also have the Jive, Fudd (as in Elmer), and Sweedish Chef filters available as well. :-)

So next time ye mateys be thinkin’ me time ain’t be filled, remember: me be usin’ little helpers. Them scallywags never be lettin’ me down.

Happy Pirate Day!

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