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6 Oct 2008 / Julie

Soft and fluffy: I’m adopting a bunny

A lot of things have been in flux in my life for the last few months; and i’ve spent the last few days recovering.

On top of everything else, i’ve had adoption on my mind. Adoption of pets; lets not get ahead of ourselves here, folks. :-)

What got me started about expanding my pet repertoire was the events of the weekend before last. When returning home after a weekend in NJ, we ran into a stray kitten (teenager?) at the Clara Barton Rest Stop on the NJ Turnpike. We tried for a good 30 mins to try to get it to let us pet it. It let us get very close, but never close enough to touch it. When i was convinced that (s)he was not going to let us rescure it (this time), we decided to leave, calling an agency to help out. On the way out of the rest stop though, we saw another, smaller, one. And then we saw them. There were at least 12 cats, 2 adults, multiple kittens, and some teenagers. We knew we wouldn’t be able to help them all so we figured we’d call some agencies to help them out.

(Very) long story short, multiple agencies were called and no one has the resources to capture and/or house all those cats. best advice i got was to try to rescue as many myself and then donate them to barn cats. Except if i can’t rescue all of the cats, i don’t want to try to rescue any. You might think that’s mean, but i figure they’ve got a system of dependence going and i don’t want to break up the delicate connections.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that I have a lot of love to give and need a new place to direct it.

Last night, a friend of mine had accompanied me to hear David Sedaris speak in the city. While waiting in line to get my book signed, we got to talking about pets. I was still thinking about having something to care for besides myself this morning. Searching the local human society’s site i was thinking about how much i want a dog, but that i can’t be there as much as a dog would need me at this point in my life (even with telecommuting 2x weekly now). And i like cats, but was never all that into owning one.

Enter bunny.

When i saw Mr. Noodles in the list of pets for adoption, i knew i had struck gold.

His description sealed the deal, “I’m a super sweet boy who loves to cuddle!” YAY!

My mother offered me some sage advice the other day- not to make any major life decisions while i’m sorting out this stage of transition. And I tend to agree with her, which is why i’m going to take my time with this seeing as my pet record to date consists only of two fish, Socrates (left) and Fishie (right).

Tomorrow after work i’m going to go over to the adoption place and talk to them, spend some time with the animals, and Mr. Noodles and see if the urge to adopt still stands. If not, I’ll find other ways to direct my energies. But i’m hoping i’m still in love with Mr. Noodles after talking to the folks at the shelter; just the thought of him made me smile more hugemongous that i had in a while.

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