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4 Nov 2008 / Julie

Democracy in Action

This morning I did my civic duty, right, and privilege and voted. It doesn’t matter who i voted for (but guessing by my icons and avatars for the last few weeks you probably can figure it out), the point is that i voted. That I stood up and said, “HEY! My voice counts!”

What’s even better about this democracy is that my family, friends, colleagues and i can discuss what we like and don’t like about candidates, the process, and the system without fear of persecution.

For instance, my mother and I have been having very enthusiastic conversations/debates about the each of the major party candidates and their positions.

Eventually, as she was still undecided as of yesterday afternoon, i asked her to trust me. If she was still unsure when she was about to press a button, i asked her to trust my choice. I don’t know if she did, or will, but she will be voting.

While you take your chance to vote today, remember this: The simple act of voting is more powerful than you could imagine.

And if you’re having a hard time making a choice, listen to what i told my mom yesterday, “the world is a different place than it was even 5 years ago. and we can’t make choices based on how the world WAS. we have to make choices based on how the world IS and WILL BE. We can’t KNOW how the world will be, but we can make good, educated guesses and plan for all possibilities.”

Regardless of who you cast your vote for, please vote. And get your friends to, too. :-)

Update: Months later, in a conversation with my parents i found out that my mother did indeed come over to the light. Yay mom!

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