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26 Nov 2008 / Julie

Using Holidays to Market reference service

Did you use Thanksgiving to market your reference service? Maryland AskUsNow! is using t-day as an opportunity to do some preemptive reference. On it’s MySpace and Facebook pages, fans and friends of AskUsNow! will see a list of resources put together by AskUsNow! on various Holiday-related questions they hope will answer questions people have and remind them AskUsNow! is a resource for them:

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Are you prepared for the food, family, and fun?

To help you have a happy, safe, and healthy holiday, we’ve put together some resources we hope you’ll find useful.

Happy Thanksgiving from all your friends at Maryland AskUsNow! (We’re thankful for librarians and all our friends like you!)

What do I do with this Turkey?
Butterball’s Thanksgiving guide is complete with shopping lists, conversations, thawing guides, seating, safety, what to do with leftovers, and more:

I may need to know CPR
(TIP: don’t know what the timing is? hum the Bee Gee’s Stayin Alive for the right rhythm (

Need to have a Vegetarian Thanksgiving?
Check out Mahalo’s suggestions: or eHow’s “How to choose a Turkey Substitute for your Vegan T-day”

Worried about handling the family stress?
Check out the Mayo Clinic’s 12 tips for coping: or the Family Guide’s Guide to Managing Holiday Stress:

Want to send your thanks to our military?
Go to to send care packages, donate calling cards, or write letters, emails, or text messages of gratitude.

What’s the real story behind Thanksgiving? tells the tale of the First Thanksgiving: and what was actually on the menu. Also check out the Smithsonian’s site at

Have kids to entertain?
Print out some coloring book pages here: or here: or here:

Interested in Thanksgiving Facts?
The U.S. Census Bureau can help:

Check out highway conditions at

The Federal Aviation Administration can tell you what the status of flights and airport delays are:

What is Thanksgiving like at the White House?

Want to volunteer this holiday?

Have a question about something else? Get answers at We’re available 24/7, even on Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays,
Your friends at Maryland AskUsNow!

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