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1 Jan 2009 / Julie

saving the world: one plastic cup at a time

I noticed last night that all the restaurants and bars we patronized (or attempted to) were using plastic cups for beverages and plastic champagne flutes for the evening’s toast.

Having never run a restaurant before i’m totally guessing as to the reason but i’d assume it’s because of the high level of potential drunk glass breakage on the eve of a large celebration, or because with the large number of customers it might be easier to just buy cups instead of running out of glassware.

Totally makes sense… but did they make a conscious choice with the disposable cups they were purchasing? Or did everyone, around the world, on their time for the new day, simply contribute to the world’s growing trash problem?

I don’t have answers. And this year i can’t say i was part of the solution, myself using at least 3 plastic cups throughout the night (i got real glass a few times, with the note that they weren’t supposed to).

This was on my radar since i’ve been trying to cut back on what i throw out. I’ve even been trying to find a more eco-friendly alternative to my garbage bags and will be trying out BioBags soon.

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