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7 Jan 2009 / Julie

symptoms of a very broken world

There’s something happening in the world that i’m not comfortable with.

There are teenagers who don’t understand that you can’t just shoot people when they disagree with you; that violence isn’t the answer to anything.

And the guy who’s contracted by the county to plow roads and thinks it’s okay to sit in his driveway for the whole day and then go pick up his paycheck. “it’s great. i use my own truck and since there’s no county logos, no one even knows i’m supposed to be working.”

And the chain of greed and power-tripping that caused a collapse of markets and families.

There are lawmakers and politicians who, instead of leading by great example, abuse the power entrusted to them, and think it’s okay to commit “outrages upon personal dignity.”

There’s people who see these things happening and don’t say anything about it, who never speak up, who never question something that feels wrong to them. Or worse, who don’t feel anything is wrong.

And there are businesses that push 8000 calorie meals and the ones that use poison to paint toys for children.

And there are people who throw their cigarettes and soda cans out their car window in complete disregard for anything.

These are all symptoms of something seriously wrong. What has happened to the world that people think it’s okay to harm other people? To talk to them like they are “less than”? To act as if they themselves are the only thing on the planet that matters? To forget that we’re all connected, that every system is connected and you harm one tiny thing the the rest is affected?

Even if people have lost all respect for life other than their own, have people forgotten about karma? Are we all invincible now? Can we throw the rules of civility, respect, and kindness out the window? Did I miss the memo that it’s okay to scream at my husband for forgetting the milk? Is it okay to kick puppies now? Can i just throw my trash on my neighbors lawn? How about I go down to Guantanamo and make myself feel more important by degrading others?

Infant mortality rates. health care. drop out rates. gun deaths. violent crime. crime against humanity. They’re all symptoms of an illness.

Yes, there is still good in the world. Yes, there are still people that are civil to their fellow humans and treat them with respect and kindness. Yes, there are still people who don’t have a blatant disregard for the impact they have on the planet. And yes, i’m told there are still people who don’t think violence is an answer.

I just think those people are starting to be outnumbered. Somehow we’ve now gone multiple generations without any consequences for our actions, no one telling us we’re being greedy, inhumane, or wrong. Some how we’re breeding more and more people who haven’t a clue.

Where did we go wrong? When did the tables turn and things start to shift downward? Where is the bottom? How can we turn this bus around before we drive over the cliff?

While i will continue to do my best wherever i can, I don’t have any answers. Do you?

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