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28 Jan 2009 / Julie

The Rules of Ice Or a Guide for Southerners

There are a few rules that everyone should be aware of when dealing with a world that’s turned to ice like Maryland has today:

Rule #1:
SALT! I’m always amazed at how days later, some roads around here still haven’t been salted. Salt soon and often. Salt major roads and secondary roads. Salt driveways and walkways. Salt everything. States need to be prepared with trucks, drivers, and salt early and often. Individuals should have something on hand for their properties. Don’t have salt? Try fertilizer (better for your lawn), kitty litter, sand, anything with grit.

Rule #2: Clean your car off.
All of it. Don’t just carve yourself portholes to see through, dig your whole car out. Including the top of it. Why? Because snow flying from the hood of the car in front of you is annoying. Ice is dangerous. Don’t be that guy.

Rule #3: Ice = slow.
Your morning routine will now take 2x as long because you have to adhere to Rule #1. Leave time for it. Also, your car might be stuck- accelerating like you’re at NASCAR won’t get you out of your rut.

Rule #4: Don’t be an @$$.
Well, this is a rule for everyday life, but it especially applies to driving in/on ice. You can’t drive on ice the way you usually do on a dry road. Don’t think you’ll be able to make any hard turns without skidding. Don’t cut in front of anyone, they may skid while trying to stop. And don’t follow too closely, in case the guy in front of you didn’t clear the ice off the top of his car.

If all else fails, stay home and don’t venture out until Mother Nature is finished with her melting.

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