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2 Jan 2009 / Julie

ToDo: 2009

I don’t particularly like “resolutions” per say (tho some are awesome), but I am a fan of goals. Here’s a list of the things I will hold myself accountable for in 2009.

In 2009, I will (in no particular order):

  • continue to eat right and move more
  • push myself and others beyond what is considered possible
  • be conscious of the meaning i assign things
  • read my rss feeds & share my thoughts on them
  • limit things bought
    • repurpose as much as possible
    • buy only what i need
    • buy used whenever possible
    • be conscious of where i’m buying, where items come from / how they’re made / what impact on the environment they have/will have
  • encourage others as much as possible
  • laugh daily
  • remember that my only obligation is to breathe
  • seek to improve service wherever i go

I’m sure I will come up with more for the year, especially as the days pass, but i think this is a very good, healthy list.

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