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3 Feb 2009 / Julie

this librarian life: day 4

I originally was going to continue the Librarian Day in the life with the consecutive days from when i started, but due to having the attention span of a two year old and the memory of an Alzheimer’s patient lately [::knocks on wood::], i’m going Sinatra on you all and doing things my way:

day four: Tuesday, February 3rd
Some days go by without a lot getting crossed off the ToDo list, but with the day speeding by anyway. Today was one of those days.

This AM i worked from home due to having caught a random stomach thing. I caught up on emails (i long for the day i never utter that phrase again, either because email is deemed dead, or because i’m suddenly and forever on top of it) and look a look at the budget.

After feeling mildly better and having a quiche (2nd day of quiche lunch) i headed into the office to pick up my cohort in crime (Cathay) and head into the city for a meeting with our grant supervisor & statewide marketing person at MSDE, DLDS to have Cathay meet everyone and us all discuss budgets, marketing, and other assorted projects and issues. (If anyone knows of a *cheap* eco-friendly (non-plastic, non-paper) bag we can get made with our logo, let me know.)

We had parked in the garage next to MSDE, a cash only garage, which i knew. But somehow, the $20 i thought i had was my passport. I don’t know how that magic works. We need $8. We can come up with $3, mostly coins. So I back up into the garage and we walk up the alleyway up to the street to go to the BofA to get some cash. While waiting in line inside (the line for the ATM was long and it had started to snow harder) i started to wonder if they’d be able to service my non-BofA card inside and magically Cathay finds $8 in her jacket pocket which she swears she had looked in only moments ago. I look around for a Leprechaun.

We returned to the office by 4pm and i checked more email, scheduled meetings about implementing DRUPAL. Now i am on my way back home to eat dinner and curl up with an executive summary of our recent survey to our librarians identifying what is needed for refresher training, scan meeting notes and recycle the paper, and start working out a time line of things that need to be done every year. I wonder how my project is 6 years old and we don’t have one of those yet. Probably because the project mostly existed in the head of one very dedicated man for 4 of those years. (Thanks Joe!) :-)

Tomorrow I should have lots more exciting things to tell you as my ToDolist is huuuuuge. Similarly, if anyone has any minions they’d like to dedicate to the cause, please send them my way. :-)

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