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9 Feb 2009 / Julie

this librarian life: day 5

While i never have normal days, today was the first semi-normalish days after recuperating from January.

Today i:

  • arrived @MPOW around 8.20am
  • put some empty boxes in my car that i had forgotten to bring home Friday
  • made my oatmeal + applesauce + raisins for breakfast. (i had a hard time getting out of my warm bed and didn’t have time to eat at home like usual)
  • took some pictures of stuff in a magazine a coworker let me borrow and then put it on her desk
  • made my list of stuff to keep in mind / do today
  • went through 31 surveys from over the weekend, getting back to customers and/or librarians where needed. surveys is the bulk of how we keep up with quality review.
  • [email]
  • boxed up xmas presents for library folk (i’m late) and sent through delivery
  • got authentication error when trying to get to AUN sites (twitter, facebook, and our drupal test on the dev server)… spent a few mins on hold with Help Desk while reporting the glitch.
  • cleared off some dusty folders and marked what needs to be scanned and recycled
  • filled out another ILL request for a book i was denied in July (the book was too new)
  • responded via em to a local medical librarian interested in joining AskUsNow!
  • got notice that a “class bomb” appeared in the chat queue and we had 34 ppl waiting for help. jumped on and helped a few with their questions about various countries. made a mental note to find a way to send things to kids who won’t give up their email. made another mental note to figure out a way to make sure kids are learning research skills
  • coworker called to see what i was doing for lunch. looked up at clock. cursed under my breath at the fact that it was somehow 12.30pm already. i was thinking 10.30 at the latest.
  • updated website content
  • emailed statewide liaisons to see if they needed an updated/new “we’re always open” sign.
  • started working on “we’re always open” sign
  • [email]
  • wrote and scheduled a “customer love” blog post to go live on the 12th. took a few mins to search flickr cc for a good photo i could use.
  • added our liaison meeting / refresher training to the statewide training calendar.
  • [ate lunch]
  • grabbed boxes from the loading dock to use in my house move
  • started reorganization of project files on WAN. tons of stuff with old staff member’s info schemas.
  • reviewed options for eco-friendly bags we could buy for marketing
  • emails back and forth with Janway to get quote on bags [why didn't i just call?]
  • started putting together the proposal to get approval on the bag order
  • started thinking about the info architecture for our new website… and played around with Drupal to see what it can do.
  • left work at 5pm to get to bone crackin’ doc appointment
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