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30 Mar 2009 / Julie

cil2009: 25 ideas for collaborating in 40 mins

[Presentation is in the proceedings /on paper. ... but are you also online? if you're not online and i can't link to you NOW, do you exist?]
she also walks on water. :-)

  • Partnerships don’t have to be about money. favors in kind!
  • join your local chamber of commerce.
  • join volunteer orgs!
  • people who like you are less likely to slash your budget
  • partner with grocery stores.. story times and book drops… small branches / kiosks… eventually ppl need food. be there when they do
  • shopping malls.. going where the ppl are already going.. and not just online… book sales…
  • find groups with similar missions to yours. think outside the box here. don’t continually compete in some manner
  • are you targeting the support staff… assistant to the dean and not just the dean, etc.
  • trade deals with small businesses.. in kind partnerships. local flower shop… will they give you flowers every week for publicity for them? you’re building personal relationship with someone else and another business. word gets out you’re not just a building full of books and computers.
  • trade services! computing services? getting them subscriptions at lower costs?
  • ***************college professors (even if you’re not an ac library)… a lot of professors have been able to assign projects to students that is work for the library… branding campaign… a new logo… etc. saves you money; helps the professors mix up their new projects and courses so they don’t go stale. helps students get out in the world and do real work projects. good for the resume.
  • scout troops are always looking for work to do for badges. plant gardens, etc. (plus free child labor.. jk!) helps scout leaders come up with new projects
  • form alliances with video game stores, skate shops, etc. see what you can trade. are they willing to give kids credit or coupons for x # of books read or whatnot? summer reading prizes? can you get a discount on software or games? gives you more street cred with the kids if you’re a part of an ORGANIZATION THAT MATTERS TO THEM
  • gaming clubs in schools… GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR LIBRARY! join a club that’s already formed… do they have space? do you need space? vise versa?
  • trade training with anyone who has skills that you need. training is expense.
  • govt officials… do you know what their information needs are? get to know the staffers and aids. officials will ask their aids, and their aids will know about you.
  • people don’t think of you first. they think of their doctor and lawyers, etc… if you get in with the folks that ppl listen to, ppl will start to listen to you. WOMM at it’s best.
  • a good WOM campaign = you decide on your message and choose a few different influential ppl in that group and ask them to flow your message actively. with the RIGHT information (not whisper down the lane)
  • do you ask your senior citizens for special things in return? seniors are usuallly serious library users. bring them in as volunteers, do story times, tell their own stories. they want to feel like their still an active part of the community
  • get involved with local politics and politicians and their staff members. As regular citizens, join political action groups.
  • offer research services to govt officials
  • make allies with everyone in your community. ppl are looking for ways to join the community… OFFER OPPORTUNITIES. tell people specifically what people can do for your library. “got $10? you can…” “got 10 mins? you can…?”
  • donate a book to the library for $, get the kids’ name on a bookplate, keep the book in circ… have it read in storytime for the kids bday… [great idea but idk how i can translate it to a vr service...]
  • give media happy stories. do the research for them. SEND THEM PRESS RELEASES! HAVE PRESS RELEASES!
  • does anyone have advisory boards with ADULTS or ppl from a specific target market that you’re trying to teach? yeah, we focused so much on teens, we forgot about EVERYONE ELSE
  • DONT GUESS WHAT PPL WANT. ASK! hours? services? activities! want to get involved? Stuff!
  • do stuff with social networking. (well duh). David Lee King says “libraries: stop friending me!”
  • if you dont tell ppl what you’re doing, they wont know.
  • get to a point where ppl who run your community to see the library as an extension of the schools [or other org]
  • form relationships with consultants. “i’d like to propose a mutually beneficial….”
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