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1 Apr 2009 / Julie

CIL2009: additional highlights, thoughts & links

- I blogged earlier today about “information commons.” But the In today’s keynote, Michael Edson of the Smithsonian Institution spoke about creating a Smithsonian Commons. THIS is the point of a commons. the sharing and collaboration of human knowledge and innovation. “A set of resources maintained in public sphere for the use and benefit of everyone.” “Everyone has the access to the raw materials of knowledge.”

- “Everything we hear from people we interview is that today’s consumers draw no distinctions between an organization’s Web site and their traditional bricks-and-mortar presence: both must be excellent for either to be excellent.” Lee Rainie, Pew Internet and American Life Project

More and more, the customers we encounter expect that every representation of ourselves will be equally as helpful as every other representation. If i can’t do the same things online that i can do with your organization in your building. If you aren’t excellent online, you won’t grab and keep my attention.

- if you’re in the market for a CMS, it’s not about the front end, it’s about the experience for staff. You need to make sure that your coders can code, your designers can design, and your content writers can write content. Your cms should facilitate the division of labor, support the overall development of the site, and the site’s future.

The trend is going towards “application framework” away from “content management system.”

- 40-plus new tools for gadgets and library webmasters

- strategies for digital natives

- Steven M. Cohen’s What’s Hot in RSS

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