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1 Apr 2009 / Julie

CIL2009: Best of the web

Presentation by Aaron Schmidt (works for DCPL, lives in Portland Oregon. Blogs at walking paper.) I’d admit i have a small crush on Aaron but it’s more that i want to be like him. Hip, tech, zen. But i digress…

Sarah Houghton-Jan (Librarian in Black) already did a great rundown for Aaron’s preso, so i’m not going to repeat it. I will, however, highlight the ones that i already love and the ones i’m so stoked to try out:

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Jing- I don’t think i’ll ever be able to say enough about Jing. screen captures. stills AND video. sends to flickr, saves to desktop, or whatever else you want it to do. Highly recommend. I use it all the time.

Colourlovers- great ideas for colors. i’ve used to help jump start the inspiration on web design, room decor, outfits, and art. sky’s the limit.

Doodle- does the hard part for you when trying to schedule a mtg/gathering, or make a choice.

TED Talks- smart people saying awesome things. search the hive mind. because mushy brains are delicious.

Can’t wait to try Qapture, vyew, the thematic wordpress theme, Prezi, Lovely charts, typetester, and dropbox.

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