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12 May 2009 / Julie

The search for the extra endings (or How i came to see Wolverine 3 times in a week)

wolverine2When i heard they were doing an X-men Origins movie it went on my calendar immediately.

May 1st came, i had tickets, and the theatre was packed. We still managed to get seats near our fav spot, in the middle, not to high. Before the movie started, one of the theatre workers was kind enough to announce that “to see the whole movie you *must* stay until the end of the credits.” Staying until the last second is habit for us but it was good to know something was actually going to happen.


The movie was fantastic. There were some continuity issues i noticed (like Logan ditching his jacket before jumping out of the helicopter and the fact that he’s not bloody after the adamantium is injected like he is in the flashbacks in the other movies) but none of them distracted me from the enjoyment of watching Wolverine do his thing.

By the end of the movie I already want to see it again. We see the small scene with Striker and the credits roll. Despite the warning from the theatre guy, some people start to leave. The credits finish and then, there it is. The extra scene:

cut to shot glass, liquor being poured. Wolverine downs it and asks for another in Japanese. the female bartender pours him another and asks if he’s drinking to forget.

“No,” he says. “I’m drinking to remember.”

REALLY? Seriously? What the hell people, that’s so bad. I know it’s a throwback to the comic and the time that Wolverine did spend in Japan but that line is so bogus. Totally ruined the feeling i had before the credits rolled.

The next day, though, i heard the news: the movie was released with TWO DIFFERENT EXTRA SCENES!!!

Last night, after a long day at work (and a bazillion hours straight listening to the soundtrack), i wanted to see the movie again. So after work the bf and i both booked it home, ate dinner, grabbed our “2 tickets for $14″ coupon and headed to a different movie theatre in hopes that we could catch the alternate ending, the apparently good one that hints to the next X-men Origins movie.

But an hour and forty seven minutes later we saw the shot glass again. DAMNIT!

This time though, we went straight to the “guest services” desk and asked. Did they have both movies? Is there any way to know which one we’d be watching? A quick phone call was placed to the Projectionist and a few minutes later we found out that they had both copies, each one playing on a different screen. But at the end of the week they were sending one back and they didn’t know which one would be kept. Well damn.

But then an amazing thing happened. “The other version just started on screen 10,” the Guest Services woman said. I look at my watch. It was only a few minutes past start time and probably not past the previews yet. “You can just go in.”

Sweet! Even sweeter was the fact that there were only 2 other people in the whole theatre so the bf and i took the opportunity to comment and joke around at the expense of the movie (albeit still quietly). After all, we’d already gotten to the point that we could recite lines and anticipate comedic timings.  I also figured out that in this theatre (only the 2nd time i’d been in it) the arm rests popped up into the seat and out of the way so I was able to enjoy this third viewing laying down, my head resting in the bf’s lap, like i was watching it at home. Awesomesauce!

I was midly afraid that after 3 viewings so close together i’d find out that the movie wasn’t really as good as i thought it was, but that didn’t happen.


Another 1hr 47mins later, the 3rd viewing came to an end… Wolverine walks away from the sirens, camera pans back and loses the world in the clouds. Credits start. Striker is found and collected for questioning. Credits roll and finish. And there it is. No shot glass. (YAY!) Instead, we see Deadpool and I shiver in my seat (because decapitated heads shouldn’t make noise). THIS was the extra they should keep. This is the one that doesn’t ruin the feeling of the movie.

We walk out of the theatre into the rain and i promise the bf that i won’t ask to see WOlverine a fourth time. Because that might be too much. :-)

And that is the story of our quest for movie extras and how i came to see Wolverine three times. Rock on.

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