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23 Jun 2009 / Julie

land of the lost loved products

It’s not often that you find a product that you love and swear by but it seems that once you do, and get used to it being readily available, the item disappears.  Here are some of my favorite but no longer available items:

innocent victim #1: Hires Root Beer
hires2Last seen: late 90s

Hires Root Beer was a staple in my house as a kid. We didn’t drink soda, but when we did it was Hires. The smooth, sweet taste was fantastic with pizza, hot dogs, ice cream, sandwiches… anything really.

But in the late 90s it was no longer readily available at grocery stores in the northeast. We were forced to switch to Stewarts (which is still loved in my family).

Update: the bf found a 6 pack of hires 16oz bottles at Weis.

innocent victim #2: Olay Body Scrub
obsLast seen: early 2000s

Olay’s Body Scrub was fantastic. Exfoliating perfectly with a wonderful smell that made me feel like i could do anything (it’s amazing how smells can do that). I only ever had one tube of this and didn’t use it every day so it took a long time for me to need another one. But, when i went to buy it, it had been discontinued. I contacted Olay and was told that it was discontinued and will not be brought back on the market.

I was able to buy ONE from someone via amazon marketplace who had ONE left. I am still on the lookout to buy this product.

innocent victim #3: Neutrogena After-Sun Treatment
nastlast seen: summer 2007

This is the one product i am most bummed about losing. Neutrogena’s After-Sun Treatment, Active Soy was my go-to product for sunburn, which, as a very fair skinned person with a bad sense of how long it takes her to get sunburn, i used a lot. Every time i saw it, i bought some because it was so amazing and i went through it so quickly (i shared). Today though, while sitting out in my yard eating lunch at high noon, i felt the sun beating down on my bare and transparent arms and remembered i needed to buy some more of this (and sunscreen). But alas, it too has been discontinued. I am still awaiting response from Neutrogena.

I am always on the lookout to buy this product.

innocent victim #4: Limited brand Sexy Drew jeans
last seen: fall 2005

Women know it’s hard to find jeans that fit well let alone that fit well enough to make them feel like jumping for joy. That’s what the “Sexy Drew” Limited jean did for me. I LOVE those jeans, but alas only have one pair left and they are in no condition to do anything but field work or lounging. First, it was just hard to find these jeans in my size in the long legnth, then it was hard to find them in my size AND the leg style (boot), and then the denim wash i liked (dark) went away. And then, it was just impossible to find them, period, no matter what the size, color, or leg style. They still make the Sexy Drew fit of pant, according to their website, but not in denim.

[the real victim here, though, is 100% cotton jeans, which i lost in the late 90s. i still have a pair of those, but they've been relegated to painting garb.]

If you, or someone you know, finds or knows how to locate any of these items (especially the Neutrogena After Sun Treatment), please let me know.

What are the products that you miss?

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