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27 Jul 2009 / Julie

2nd annual “this librarian life” (or, monday’s that fly by)

It’s time for the second annual Library Day in the Life! Check out the post that started it all and add yourself to the wiki if you join in on the fun.

My job as Statewide Coordinator for Maryland’s VR service, Maryland AskUsNow!, is never the same day to day. There are always new challenges to take on, new ideas to flesh out, and new reports to run. Here’s what my day looked like today:

I got into the office a little late (8:10) this morning because i had forgotten my cell phone at home which caused me to catch some of the beltway traffic i usually miss. Still, i was able to jump into my day fairly quickly. I wrote out my ToDo list for the week, told the twitterverse and fb that i was back on the grid after a weekend of unconnected bliss, got to start playing some Sigur Rós radio and delved into my work email, which i was able to zero out in about 15 mins.  [I'm very big on the inbox zero idea. The short of it is, if you go to check your email (which you should only be doing a FEW times a day), go through it all right then, at once. Do what needs to be done, read, responded to or added to a calendar, etc and then delete or archive it. Presto. Inbox Zero.]

Next week i am training a new set of librarians to do AskUsNow! at a newly joined institution. from 9-11ish I:

  • looked over their institution account to make sure everything was copacetic
  • created 3 new librarian accounts
  • created a wiki page to help get the new liaison up to speed. the page included welcome, What Does the Liaison Do?, The Staff Support Page, Preparing to Go “live”, and The How-to of Liaison-ing. I then made some notes for myself around this clickable guide to be added to our newly redesigned website (on drupal!) when we start adding the content later this month.
  • wrote another wiki page on how to get to, edit, and view QuestionPoint policy pages. These pages are very important as they let the chatting librarian act like the customer’s local librarian- with easy access to information the local librarians know.
  • emailed the new liaison to set up an hour phone call earlier in the week of the training to get her situated

having a desk job (or being a “desk jocky” as my dad calls it) takes it’s toll. I’m learning to get up, move around and stretch more. 11am was my stretch break. I then took 10 mins or so to scroll through system memo headlines and read a few.

From there, i started redesigning (again) our new staff training. I wanted to make things more interactive in the interum for a training i’m giving on Wednesday. I reordered some things, wrote out some notes, printed handouts and made sure i had all the new librarian accounts ready to roll.

By 1.30pm I remembered to eat. Which i did, while tallying up the votes for our staff support renaming contest we held during July. I announced the winner on the website and sent emails out to the grand prize winner and finalists who will be getting prizes.

A look at the clock and somehow, what feels like a 3 hour day has turned into already 2pm. I was able to grab a quick walk up the street to Barnes and Noble to buy my 2 favorite journals (read: not professional publications) as they’re now hard to find without paying for shipping.

The rest of the day consisted of:

  • contacting customers who had shared their AskUsNow! stories for additional information (like their first name, which i had originally neglected to ask for!) :-)
  • added some telephone meetings to my calendar for next week
  • jotted down some notes as to what i need to do during one of my meetings with my Drupalization team
  • emailing our special library partners (read “special libraries” not “libraries that are special“) to get blurbs from them to promote them via our other partner library websites (an idea i had a while ago that’s taking some time to get going because of all the other things i’ve been trying to get going)
  • continued fleshing out of the Customer Service training curriculum i’m doing as refresher for the state (i seem to be doing a lot of training these days)
  • reading over commercial ideas for our FY10 commercial
  • filling out a doodle poll on when i can do a run through of an online Twitter preso i’m doing with Amy Kearns for the South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative later this month (similar to the one we did at NJLA in April and will be doing at Internet Librarian in October and Princeton Public Library in November)
  • zero’d my inbox out again
  • tweeted/twittered a little

I left work at 4.30ish, met an appt at 5:45p and then popped by the Panera Bread near Wednesday’s training location and placed the order for the  training lunches. I find they get things right more often when i do it in person and it was on the way home anyway.

Because the rest of my week will most likely look nothing like today did, I’m going to do the “Librarian Day in the Life” to try to paint the most complete picture of what i do.

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