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31 Dec 2009 / Julie

a challenge. (and an update.)

a friend challenged me the other day in response to my complaint that either i, or the path, had lost it’s way.

Make a Google Document. Number the lines as many or as few as you want (minimum 3). Each day, write out a line that answers this question as if you had unlimited resources: “What do you want?” Do this for a number of days. Any answer is acceptable so long as it is true.

I created a google form and bookmarked it on my phone. Every morning i fill it out answering the question “what do you want?” Some are very deep, others not so.

But i’m curious… what do *you* want? I’m not going to qualify anything because i don’t want to taint your answer:


I will publish the anonymous findings in December. Answer as many times as you want. If you’re finding yourself censoring or thinking, take a deep breath, empty your head and start typing on the exhale. :-)


On this, the final day of 2009, i wanted to share with you all that you shared with me. Thank you for trusting me, even anonymously, with your thoughts and dreams and desires. Here’s what you want:

  • I want to be happy
  • my student loans to disappear
  • to be a better photographer
  • To get my life together so I am no longer anxious and hurried.
  • a daybed
  • perfect eyesight
  • A giant, sprawling, Victorian mansion to house my very own hippie love space where everyone would be free to love one another in a friendly, safe, clothing-optional environment. :D
  • Dark chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. That’s all I need to be happy. And this lamp…
  • more time in the day
  • I want to not have a head cold.
  • A new drug
  • to be stronger, faster, and fitter – and i’m actively working towards it!
  • An uncomplicated relationship
  • a kiss
  • To not have to try so hard at everything.
  • good health
  • to make a difference
  • Bacon
  • Eternal Peace and unstoppable power to carry out my beliefs
  • i want to be pain-free
  • a fulltime job with benefits.
  • good health, peace of mind. and good people in my life
    to feel accepted
  • I want my friend back.
  • I want to travel to Greece
  • faith that mean people WILL go to hell

In this next minute, hour, day, week, month, and years to come i offer all of you with the desire for something: although it may not seem like it now, you can have it.

For those wishes like of travel, better health, or making a difference, do one thing each day towards your goal (save $1 or walk to a colleague down the hall instead of calling them).

For those wishes like happiness or simplicity, perhaps a reframing of the world as you see it is in order. Or perhaps a decision is neccesary. Whatever it is, you’ve got what you need to do what you need to, even the voice to ask for help.

That’s enough out of me but i invite you to keep writing down for yourselves the things you want. See how it changes over time. But don’t forget to look back and see how many things that you’ve wanted, you’ve gotten or made happen. :-)

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2010 is bright, healthy, and joyous for all of you!

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