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25 Jan 2010 / Julie

Library Day in the Life: Highlighter Day

image courtesy of Eishier

Today marks the 4th round of Bobbi Newman‘s Library Day In the Life project. I very much enjoy taking part of this project but it seems that the day picked is almost always a day that is less than thrilling or typical. Like today. Today was Highlighter Day. I love Highlighter Day because i like a little manual labor. Earphones in and off you go.

So I am the Statewide Coordinator for the Maryland statewide virtual reference service, AskUsNow!. And here’s my day:

the short version

snoozed alarm once. audio book accompanied me to work. counted, boxed & shipped 27,000 highlighters. audio book accompanied me back home.

the detailed version

6:15am radio alarm goes off.
6:23am radio alarm goes off. i start the day

7am breakfast. spiced oatmeal w/ applesauce + raisins.
7:20am out the door

7:20am – 8:15am commute to work. commute made easier by Elizabeth Gilbert reading her latest book “Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage” (i <3 audiobooks)

8:15am said hola to everyone in the office already (only about 2-3 people out of 12 are ever in at this hour). settled into my chair, read today’s entry of my Zen-a-day calendar. did first pass deletion of work email. no urgent emails. it helped that it was not a monday after a sunday install.

finished calculations for highlighter distribution. we’ve tried multiple times to come up with an equitable system for giving out limited marketing materials to our partner libraries. this time around we took the # and % of population with the # and % of the questions received in 2009 (business levels). those that asked for a specific amount of highlighters, got what they asked for. those that didn’t, got an amount based on our calculations – favoring those libraries with an inversely proportionate relationship between population and usage – figuring we need to do more marketing there.

here comes the music on and zone out part. count highlighters – first the smaller amounts then the largest and then the rest. count highlighters – each amount is half yellow and half orange. box. label box on top with delivery code, attn name and # of box totals (box 1 of 1). tape box shut. label all four sides of box with delivery code. add to stack of finished boxes. highlight in pink the library name when done. (pink highlighter is a trick i learned while working for MyBambino when it was still a storefront at the beach – you know it’s done but can still see it (versus deleting it or crossing it out).

1pm – 2pm statewide coordinator sharing time. we don’t get a lot of face time with each other so a few months ago we started a monthly online get together time for us to share & steal ideas, gripe, solve problems, and other general camaraderie. this time we used Adobe Connect (we use whatever is available to the system hosting the sharing time) which was okay except for the fact that there was no chat component that everyone could see. sometimes the back chat is just as valuable as the vocal conversation going.

after the sharing time, it was time to verify we had all the boxes ready to roll and then pack them up on the carts and dollies and get them over to the loading dock.

@ 4:30pm i was back in my email making sure nothing had blown up during the day (nothing did) and then i was back in the car with my audiobook on the way home.

and there you have it, the fastest monday so far this year.

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