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8 Feb 2010 / Julie

the snowpocalypse of Feb 6th 2010

so this weekend it snowed. a lot. 32″ worth, as a matter of fact. check it out:

snow on the walkways

our walkways, a little maze, mid-storm saturday morning.

photo of me in snow

me. in snow. it's deep.

photo of snow on the roads
there’s a road under there somewhere.  sunday night.

do i have a customer service message in here somewhere? maybe not. but this storm, which broke Maryland records. just goes to show you that you have to be prepared for emergency situations, even if you think they’ll never happen (like having enough money in your county budget to plow and salt your roads). it’s also a good teaching moment – it’s bad snow etiquette to shovel your show into the street; especially when no one is plowing. and yay for neighborhood camaraderie when everyone, some of whom you’ve never seen, comes out to toil away at the snow and double yay’s for learning that the grumpy old guy who looks like Santa and sits on his stoop smoking is really a nice grumpy old guy who owns a snow plow. score.

Check out more photos from the DC/area snowpocalypse at flickr. and wherever you are, whatever the weather, i hope you’re enjoying it. Because it’s going to change eventually. isn’t that just the way of it. :-)

like for us, another 10 to 20 inches are expected tomorrow through wednesday. good thing i’ve got food. oy!

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