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7 Apr 2010 / Julie

every day is a new one

it’s well known by my friends that i “don’t run unless chased.” but today i decided to change the world. at 5:30 am instead of heading downstairs to do some lifting or yoga, i went for a 30 minute, 2 mile run.

the couch to 5k program podcasts have been on my ipod for ages and i used them a few times when i had a gym membership and was forced to use the treadmill, but my plan is to do this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and continue my current 5:30 basement workouts Tuesdays and Thursdays.

last night i unveiled the plan, quite on a whim, and enlisted the boy to come running with me. he doesn’t do mornings (pre 1pm, to be honest), but he was a good sport about it and agreed to the plan. Thank goodness too, since i needed him to encourage me and set the pace as i found out i do indeed only have two modes: stop or FAST and couldn’t maintain the bat-out-of-hell speed for very long.

the couch to 5k podcast for week one took us through a 5 minute warm-up walk and then intervals of 60 seconds of running/90 seconds of brisk walk, finishing with another 5 minute cool-down walk. the whole process took 30 mins; the exact amount of time i have each morning to workout.

my goal isn’t to become a runner (although that switch might flip in the process) but rather to be able to run. esp, if chased.

to track my route and find out how far i went, i’m using the gmap pedometer, a tool i’ve had bookmarked for ages but have never used more than once or twice. and to track my progress, i’m using google forms. I figured a form will help me keep a consistent log and would be easy so i’m not sidetracked by previous entries.

this way, it’s easy-peasy and i can track what i did and how it went (including any pain, or if i noticed a plateau) which is important to notice any trends (like the stitch in my side) or if i went up to a higher weight. This particular form isn’t ready to track my weight (lifting) data, but i’ll be adding that soon.  And perhaps add a spot for measurements that i can add weekly or monthly. maybe. i hate that kind of thing because them i’m fixated on the number, instead of how i feel, how things fit, and the fact that i can run without problem versus having trouble with it. and if this is going to be a lifestyle for me, it has to be for the thing itself, not the measurements it might lead to.

Here’s the form:

I hope to have a lot of data to analyze at the end of the month and hopefully see any trends emerging so i can tweak and find something that is going to work for me for life.

How do you keep track of goals and progress? I’d also be interested in any runners tips you might have. :-)

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