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5 Jan 2011 / Julie

why i <3 apple

I made the official switch over to the mac side in August. August 6th to be exact. I took the plunge with a macbook pro and on day three when i was trying to do mac keyboard shortcuts on my work pc, i knew i had made the right decision.

over the holidays while trying to finish up a massive digitization project/present, i attempted to use my headphones in order to continue working while in the room with the family without giving away what i was going. I had only ever used the headset jack once but it had worked fine. not anymore. a few headsets ruled that it was the mac.

after backing up everything i took my macbook to the store to have them look at it. they replicated the issue and said it’d just need a new jack. okay cool. 2 days later i get a phone call to pick it up and i go in to get it. i go in and while they try to show me that the headset jack works now, things are slow to boot, load, and open. the trackpad is all wonky and it’s acting out of sorts. the tech says they’d like to keep it overnight to run some diagnostics again since it was taking it’s sweet time trying to do it then and it had just passed last night. she says she’ll be there until midnight doing repairs and i ask her (if she won’t get into trouble for doing it), if she could call me that night and let me know what the deal was. she agreed even though they don’t call people that late normally.

at 10.45pm that night i get a call. all is fixed (bad logic board) and i can pick it up in the morning. SWEET!

in the morning (today) i go before the mall opened (and learned about mom’s exercise groups who use the mall before opening hours) and the security guard lets me into the apple store (they were open for appointments). i get my mac back and turn it on to triple check it. good thing i did. it was slow to boot, load and acting wonky.

15 mins later i was walking out of the store with a new macbook. they had checked all their docs and saw that it had just cleared diagnostics again a few hours before. not understanding the problem, and in the interest of getting me back on the road with a functioning machine, they just gave me a new one and said they’d wipe my original one and send it back to apple DOA.

Poor thing. I didn’t think i was so attached to it until i had to let it go. The new machine acts just like the old one thanks to Time Machine but the keys and trackpad give it up as an impostor- we haven’t done the mileage together. i blame the legoman- he gave a persona to the otherwise faceless machine.

me = nerd

RIP: legoman 8/6/10-1/5/11

after determining that i was going home with a new machine, the guys at the store even spent a few minutes trying to figure out a way to salvage my decal. they may have been sadder than i that we couldn’t do it.

so that’s #1 why i ♥ apple. here’s #2 and 3:

within two days, i had two lovely experiences with apple support while trying to set up some things. important in the two phone calls is what i *didn’t* do:

  1. I didn’t call them (they called me- first within 2 minutes, the second within the first 5 minutes of the scheduled appointment time window)
  2. I didn’t have to navigate any inane automated phone triage (when the system called and asked if i wanted to speak to a rep, i pressed one and it rang)
  3. I didn’t wait on hold. at all. (after i pressed “one” for a rep, it rang once and a rep answered)
  4. I didn’t have to fight a language barrier (the reps spoke human, not tech support)
  5. I didn’t have my guard up (aside from being helpful- i felt like i had just called my tech-savvy bff to help me) they were human and i didn’t feel like i had to prepare for battle. I learned from Rhonda that i had called Austin, a city she loves, and that both her and I tend to mess things up when doing things tired and late at night.)
  6. i didn’t have to know what i was talking about (i did, but the guy on the 2nd call offered OPTIONS of solutions instead of just answering the question i asked instead of the question behind the words i asked (aka, can i? no.))

the two apple reps i spoke with on the phone were fantastic. helpful, human, and their tone was great – really just like i had called over my bff to help- NOT like i was calling tech support.

any anxiety i’ve had over my 5 month old macbook biting the dust without anyone knowing why is counteracted by the care and time that all the apple reps i’ve spoke with both in the store and on the phone have shown me. even the two guys at apple care who assisted me in switching the apple care from the old mac to the new one were infinitely friendly and helpful. the whole process took 6 minutes.

in my 20 years experience with microsoft products and various companies (micron, dell, etc) with their huge range of support successes and failures* and my 5 months of experience with apple (not including the year in elementary school when all the computers were macintosh’s), i am very happy with my choice to head over to apple. the dark side may have cookies but the apple side has superior products, fantastic customer service and has gained themselves one more mac-addict. my stories and their playing with the machine have already solidified my parents minds that when their laptops go, they’re going apple.

i suppose it only fair to also relay the two non-apple support stories i have that are positive- sort of:

  1. at the turn of the millennium when i was heading off to college, my dad bought me a “flat screen” (HAHAHAHA) desktop for school. the micron rep had come to the house to deliver and install it. when it died immediately, micron delivered another one within a few days. I was able to start school with a new computer. i have no idea the number of times it took dad to call people to make it appear to happen so seamlessly.
  2. later in life (say, 3ish years ago) my laptop hard drive died (computer #5 in my lifetime up to that point?). while it took many phone calls and many explanations to different people who’s first language wasn’t english… and who didn’t have a tech-to-english translation module, i was sent a replacement hard drive free of charge. sure, it was on the stipulation that i return the dead hd (which i still have in dumb hopes that i can recover it one day), but i’m pretty sure due to the number of phone calls i had to go through to get it, i just fell through the cracks (after being stalked)

thanks, apple, for making life a little bit smoother.

(now i just have to wait for my legoman decal so i can stop thinking of this machine as an impostor! haha)

my dead macbook, waiting to go away (in the new mac's box)

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