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18 Dec 2012 / Julie

the person you can’t say no to

I think in one’s life most of us will find at least one other person that we can’t seem to say no to. There’s some sort of attraction happening that renders us unable to follow our own goals because we’d do anything for this person if they asked. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sexual or romantic attraction either, but there’s this something that renders us powerless in front of them. Sometimes at the mere thought of them.

Hopefully this person doesn’t know of the power they have over you and use it for evil. But even if they do know, we have to be careful. The only person we should never really be saying no to us ourselves. Sometimes we are going to have to say no to the one who we’d do anything for in order to take care of ourselves. We need to know where our lines are drawn. Even if they’re drawn way far down the path, they must exist. Self preservation is king. We’re the only one’s we’re ultimately responsible for.

I’ve so far had two such people in my life – and no doubt been this person for at least a few folks.

The first was a boy I crushed on so hard in high school I couldn’t see straight. I know he knew what power he had over me and luckily he didn’t use it for evil. Mostly.

And recently I’m finding I have this kind of person in my life again. A good friend and colleague whom I am/unconsciously let myself be powerless around. This person doesn’t know their power and I hope to keep it that way. And as an added protection, I’ve mentally drawn the lines in the sand so I know where they are when I get caught between a rock and a crazy place. (extra points if you got the BBT reference there.)

I make this mental note to myself and public note to you all during a time when most of us are thinking about the year ahead and what possibilities are ahead of us.

Regardless of whatever – or whoever – your personal kryptonite is, I hope you find the power this year to work around it, with it, or through it.

with <3,

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