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8 Jan 2013 / Julie

go, live your dreams.

I had an epiphany today.

I mean, it’s total sense and nothing mind-blowing or new to the world, but suddenly everything just clicked.

The local newspaper did a profile on my Dad recently. In it were more than a few factual errors on both me and him in addition to some misspellings and things that as a photographer, former journalist, and current information maven, drove me batshit. But that’s another post.

And then it hit me. Just as i was describing to friends the fake life i *would* have made up for myself instead of the boring one the journalist gave me – THAT IS HOW YOU FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE! And to think, just hours earlier I had emailed my mentor asking him questions: “But how do i know where to head?”

So here’s The Strange Plan For Figuring Out Your Life. Not trademarked. No Patent Pending. I know i’m not the first person to figure this out or say it out loud but here it is in as much simplistic glory as i can muster:

Step 1. Dream.

Write a profile on yourself. A fake one. Put in it all the things you’d love to do or have or be known for. Similarly, pretend you’re being interviewed. What do you tell the reporter?

Sit in your favorite chair and daydream about what life could be like.

Whatever you do, get very clear on what your dream is. What does it look like? How does it feel? Are there other sensations or feelings attached to the scene(s) in your dreams? Get familiar with them.

Once you’ve got the picture…

Step 2. Make it happen.

Now that you know what you want out of life, you have to figure out what will get you on the right roads to those destinations. Say yes to anything that puts you on those roads or closer to them. Say no to anything that doesn’t. Or worse, puts you farther away from them.

Keep the essential. Keep what works. Keep what makes you happy. Keep what puts you closer to your dreams. Eliminate everything else.

And keep an eye on this as you go – dreams change, life moves, we shift. If you suddenly find that the happy path you were on makes you miserable – TIME FOR A NEW ROAD!

Step 3. Enjoy.

In theory, the roads to the places you want to go will be just as awesome as the places themselves, so don’t just wait to enjoy it when you arrive. Life doesn’t happen once you’ve gotten where you want to be. Life is happening right now while you’re waiting. Don’t wait. Go live. Seriously, go.

Now, i’m fully aware of the fact that it’s “easier said than done” but i’m pretty sure it really is this easy. It just takes some time to realign the life you have onto the path for the life you dreamed up. First up comes Getting Out Of Your Own Way. Don’t think you deserve the life you dreamed up? Don’t think it’s “reasonable” or “achievable”? Well, first off, if you think those things, you’re right. Thoughts become things. Don’t be your own brick wall. Get out of your own way.

[See also: Set Unrealistic Expectations]

But really – why isn’t this doable? Exactly – it IS doable. It takes effort and work and passion and joy – but it IS doable. You’ll fall down, but you’ll get back up if the dream is worth it. Notice i didn’t put anything in my 3 step plan about “make sure it’s reasonable” or “get everything off your new list that isn’t doable.” It’s all doable. Just go do it.

Oh, and Ignore Everyone who says you shouldn’t want it / have it / can’t / blah blah blah. They’re just jealous that you’re rocking out and they are stuck in a life they forgot they have complete control over to change.

[See also: Ignore Everybody]

Go. Live your dreams.


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